Vicente Fox

Man who can't write English got a piece of paper from Harvard Business School. No problem: been there, seen that. But same man has got 307K followers on Twitter - even more than the Singing Organ Grinder - many of whom attach symbolic, patriotic importance to his every utterance. If half of them donated one dollar cent on Crowdfunding, and Mrs could be prevented from spending it on yet more plastic surgery, then some expat translator in Guanajuato would happily be his slave for a month and the ex-president wouldn't look like a illiterate Mexican from a 1950s Hollywood B movie. Easy peasy.

  1. This's beautifull Marta my love! its birthday.What do you know about Love? Or you just know about hating . How sad!
  2. Marta. I love you an your birthday,PRECISELY BECAUSE YOU ARE MEXICAN. VIVA MEXICO.
  3. Trump, this is love, this is great moments, this is sharing,! that you don't know about. You are missing everything
  4. You now Trump,we don't like you. We are proud to share the party with mostly Americans that love MX
  5. Trump,celebrating Martha's birthday. Guess where? Cancun,And you will never be invited. You are not wellcome
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    It's not just me, , it's every Mexican – within our country or abroad –, who are standing against this false prophet.
  7. Let's raise our voices against this dictator, | My piece published on the
  8. Trump,this beautiful Cancun. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.
  9. Trump has profound, insulting arrogance, he demands treatment of a king or dictator. Where is that great nation going? And the Republican?
  10. Trump is not sane to excersice power.He said "I am sorry losers and haters,but my intelectual coeficient is one of the highest -you now it-
  11. What we can expect from Trump, excessive shameless self promotion. If it works is HIM, if it fails is others.
  12. Trumps narcisism means he needs,excessive an permanent admiration. Personal behavior to explote others. Lack of empathy. He loves t provoke
  13. Pathetic,Trump suffers from, disruptive narcissist personality. Which means,the belive that he is special and unique.
  14. ¡Rompamos el Silencio ante la gran amenaza que representa para México y el mundo! vía
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    "Trump es un falso profeta que ha estado engañando con mentiras y posiciones ignorantes": a
  16. Taking by force the result of the hard and honest work of millions of Mexicans in the USA is an abomination.
  17. Trump, stop fighting with everybody. Stop destroying world relations. Document yourself,get information go back to school.
  18. Trump don't destroy,what we have built with so much effort. Do not destroy US world leadership.
  19. A war with Mexico is a lost proposition. What is happening with you. Why so much hate? What we done to you? Come and visit us!
  20. Trump,do you have any idea, what is the amount of remittances coming to US from abroad. Remember to Every action fallows a reaction.
  21. No podemos tomar como "broma" aquello que perjudique la estabilidad económica y social de nuestros paisanos.
  22. Trump is a looser, in business and in campaigning. He will never make it. He only is increasing hate ,violence. How can people stand him?
  23. If Trump thinks US will survive enclosed in 4 walls. The consequences is depression, unemployment, desperation, a isolation.
  24. Trump is absolutely crazy and ignorant.poor Republican party.poor US,
  25. How is it possible Trump's nonsense proposal to steal, take away money earned through decent work?
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    Obama: Trump "no sabe mucho" sobre política exterior
  27. Trump, you have united world leaders into action, to prevent further harming world relations. We leaders of the world hate this happening
  28. We the rest of the world, consider you Top Risk and we have declared "maximum alert"
  29. You have been so offensive to wemen that you are a real "MACHO" . Good for you! bad very bad for your egocentric aspirations.
  30. Hoy quiero agradecer a , gracias a él hoy me llena de orgullo ser MEXICANO.
  31. El muro de es uno mental que no le permite ver la grandeza de México y su gente
  32. Trump nobody except you & us tax payers will pay for the useless focking wall.
  33. Trump nobody likes you in or outside United States