Tourism in Barcelona: deep ranks of visitors slung round cameras

Where is the Economist's Gulliver from, what is he/she taking? A robot wouldn't make this kind of error:

As any visitor can attest, the narrow Gothic streets behind Las Ramblas, a tree-lined shopping promenade, can feel like rush-hour on the tube; the must-see Gaudi sites tend to be well-hidden behind deep ranks of visitors slung round cameras; and at certain times of the year the beaches can be invisible under the quilted rectangles of towels.

Prediction: Colau will fail, because part of her vote relishes (and invented) the nocturnal alcoholic and diurnal velocipedic mayhem that so distresses another part of her vote; because councillors and functionaries also own illegal tourist flats, and pijo lefties have begun to realise that no evictions means no tenants; and because the police still won't give a shit, even now their sworn enemy has the whip hand. But what do I know.