The Daily Mail on Jeremy Clarkson in Argentina

The great Jeremiad-caravan against the BBC's raison d'ĂȘtre and the licence fee has been to Patagonia. That the Daily Mail managed to locate, but not Google Translate:

[Malvinas-related provocation: incidents and the BBC team has left the country]

Thanks to S, who suggests that the differences between the Mail and the Guardian are two: the Mail publishes better pictures, and the Guardian prefers writers whose family have a second home in Southern Europe and hence use GT.

I have a theory that the Mail's page layout algorithm enables writers to tag bits of text of which they are particularly unsure, and lo and behold! a mammoth decolletée of distractive genius will appear in the sidebar.

Kesha isn't a real name: it's an editorial joke, a variant of Gotcha. The model is the same one used the other day to entrap the Tory MP, Nude Bookmarks.