The neighbourhood Pixar voice-dubber alleges that Looper - an amusing dash through time-travel clichés - was going to be released in Spain as Lúpula, because it's about hops.


Sorry man, I was yust yoking - there's been a lack of crap bilingual puns here recently.


Two steps forward, one step back

Chez Lenox, not to be confused in any way or to the slightest degree with Lenin, whose typically deranged pamphlet, One step forward, two steps back, is here. Comrade Vladimir doesn't address our particular theme, but those interested in the recent roots of Iberian politics may inspect with interest the mud he throws in the great bitchfight 'Over whether it was enough to stipulate in the programme the equality of all citizens irrespective of sex, etc., and language, or whether it was necessary to stipulate “freedom of language”, or “equality of languages”.' My pamphlet for today: Screwing with language is fun as long as it's a matter for private enterprise, but things are apt to end in tears when the state starts poking its oar.


Scum with nuts of the house

Nata con nueces de la casa, over at Charles Harrison's, who is an absolute must for all Spanish students of English as it is spoken, and via Iestyn ap Robert, who I believe may fall into the category of a known unknown.

Someone moaned that attribution of origin should be obligatory. That might make life marginally more interesting, but on the other hand invention might also be fun.


Make your reservation from your private area

Colin thinks this is one for me, rather than, say, for Pricasso, who I have to say looks like a right one.

What year is it today? Have a good one anyway!