"Vs" in Spanish

Sometimes it means "is/is equal to", for example in this Parable of the Lost Greeks (h/t Tom): "Achilles vs. Alberto Ruiz Gallardon".

Sometimes it seems to mean something like "presents/hosts": in "javi garcia roche VS Juanito Lee y Carlitos 'el salsero'", Juanito and Carlitos are in the container of death, and Javi is Chatarras Palace and is, I have been hoping since an initial encounter last winter prior to his nobbled super welter title attempt ("┬íNo somos gitanos ni gente rara!"), the man who will put the Gallego Prada brothers out of business and turn Spanish boxing into a well-financed, mainstream sport.

Sometimes, I suppose, it must also be used in the only sense recorded by the RAE: "(Del ingl. versus, y este del lat. versus 'hacia'). 1. prep. Frente a, contra. Occidente versus Oriente."

Any more uses?