Nikolaos Michaloliakos mistranslates Caesar

J tells me to take a longer look at the notorious clip featuring Mr Golden Dawn, which I confess I didn't finish first time round, but which contains a nice "Veni, vidi, vici" moment:
  • Caesar's comment allegedly came after defeating the Greek ruler of Pontus (whose hazelnuts inspired our al-bóndigas). I don't think Hitler said anything slighting about the Greeks, so maybe he'd be a better source. Just trying to be helpful.
  •  Hitler quoted Shakespeare, but I believe he left JC for BM. Why?
  • Does "Golden Dawn" describe the situation when you wake up to find your loved one urinating on you? Crass? Us?
Anyway, here's the latest Greek vid from Human Rights Watch:

[Videos both via NRC]

Suing fucked translators

I am told that translators all used to be self-employed and not worth suing, but that the slow advance of litigation in the market is changing all that. Phrases like "you can't sue me for more than the value of this contract" won't cut it, limited liability companies will need to be considered, and liability insurance will give greedy lawyers something worth suing. That's not going to stop me translating Occitan for well-heeled loonies, but I might become even less enthusiastic about complicated medical shite. There's an old post here, and I'm sure more dedicated searchers will find ample reward.


Arabitch bath

Studiolum@Poemas del río Wang visited the so-called Arab baths* at Palma de Mallorca and discovered that in some language or another they pertain to "A woman from the middle east or Arabia that is a bitch."

*Gabriel Ensenyat i Pujol of the University of the Balearic Islands, mysteriously absent from the THE's current list of the world's top 400 universities, says for reasons that are unclear that the baths are Jewish, and that if you publicly disagree with him about anything he should be able to denounce you to the authorities.


Push, empujar con cariño

A divine contribution from our principal supplier suggests that the semantic range of "push" along the hardness axis is more limited than that of "empujar", which may or may not be true, but which achieves the main object - that users think critically about the door and elect a solution that will not lead to dislocated hinges or structural damage: