Mega-rich businessmen who don't pay translators

  • Carlos nominates Emilio Botín, who is spending €77 million on a cultural centre in Santander but hasn't got €77 for someone to translate his bank's ATM screens, never mind a lawyer to check that it has been done. Asked for comment, the department of equestrian psychology at Glyndwr how the fuck do you get a circonflexe on top of a w Glendower University rapidly persuaded their institution that this was an ominous omen, and that all funds should be withdrawn, tutti sweety, from Santander's separate, ring-fenced, UK entity. The power of fucked.
  • MJN, she say, what about Rafa Nadal's Facebook site. Alfonso el Idiota, he surmise, folksy Spanglish is an integral part of the brand, and the posts are actually written by a PR chappie on ten grand a month.


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