Fucked translation, literally: Tot un futut junts

Carlos Ferrero < Miguel Llorens < Miquel Strubell < Bankia. This sounds to me less like a mistake than like ironic comment from members of staff at Caixa Laietana, one of a number of bankrupt regional minnows swallowed up by Caja Madrid to form Bankia. Many of their colleagues will have lost their jobs during the fusion.

("Futut" rather than "fotut"? I saw an "opurtunitat" the other day in Masnou.)


Carlos Ferrero said...

By the way, how would you translate the Bankia slogan into Engliah? "Together for the whole future" sounds like a life sentence to me, but it may be fitting for a bank that consists on a lot of building societies that during the building boom used to grant 50-year mortgage loans.

trebots said...

It's like the marriage vow, "the whole of our lives together," which is what Aretha Franklin is on about in "Say a little prayer," the song they use for the ad. But it's less personal and more exclamatory - "todo un futuro" instead of "todo nuestro futuro" or "toda nuestra vida" - so I'd probably go for something like "What a future we have!" rather than their "A whole future together," which is idiomatic but strikes me as weird.