Naming rigths @ Sol Galaxy Note

As in El Mundo:

La nueva campaña publicitaria de Metro de Madrid no sólo se limitará a la estación de Sol, ahora rebautizada Sol Galaxy Note (como el móvil de Samsung) en una campaña denominada 'naming rigths' (derechos de nombre).

This incredibly common misspelling (ca 19.2 million ghits) is not confined to native speakers of Spanish and other Romance dialects, and frequently occurs alongside correct versions.

I suspect some kind of sub-conscious rationalisation: "gh" is silent before "t", so they're not important, so I'll just spray them in there somewhere, & who gives a $hit what grouchy bloggers think.

If one of you could fix me up with academic respectability and finance I'd manacle journalists J. G. Treceño and R. Bécares to a long bench, pour boiling oil over them, and ask them how they pronounce "rigths", but I know times are hard.

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