Katie Price to run language services for Barcelona Council?

The Melonfight Strumpdom of Jordan - more dark-veiled Cotytto in the Daily Mirror photo - has, presumably according to her media pimp, made an insignificant error in a text to some other debauched nonentity, thus distracting the organ of the socialist revival from a more serious task at hand. FT has enquired circumspectly of the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona whether, given their record, they'd be prepared to let her run their translation service, and the answer is a cautious "yes". Now there's a story.

(H/t Warren Edwardes)


Candide said...

Oh don't do that, they just want to be mentioned in whatever way.

I'm telling that to myself even more often, and to less avail.

Apart from that, thanks for the laughs!

Colin said...

Trev, I don't want to appear thicker than usual but is your first link (to Milton) correct? I was expecting a Daily Mirror foto of the be-breasted strumpet.

kalebeul said...

Link now included to Ms P and her shades. Just as well someone reads this crap.

Warren EDWARDES said...

Hey but I forgive her. I love the way she rolls her "R"s .

Candide said...

What, because you know she does it with her tongue?