Blog translated entirely using Google Translate?

For El País user blogs' sole function is to drum up page views for its paid-for content, and not all of them are to be taken entirely seriously. This was rather like listening to a person with dementia who may have something interesting to say but has lost control of words and syntax:

This afternoon they have begun news that have startled me to arise and they have put on in guard man I hoped to eat paella tomorrow Thursday but he/she didn't wait that today gives us a snack to go opening mouth.

I tried asking how and why, partly to see if the whole thing is robot-generated, but the answer left me none the wiser.


Candide said...

I have translated your onmeedeelzaam question at the mentioned blog and got a response that is... well, entertaining at least.

Long live L&H "transleitor"!

PS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lernout_%26_Hauspie

kalebeul said...

Jajajaja, pero ¡qué bien escribes!

Candide said...

Ju desörf it.