A victim responds!

Lynce say, "We're working on it," which is what any intelligent organisation does in such circumstances, and I'm sure they'll get it right - the product looks good, and there are a lot of demonstrators and worried governments around at the moment.

So what about the rest? Major contributors like the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya spend huge sums on image building, so I'm sure this blog has crossed the radar. But my guess is that the politicians don't care about anything that doesn't affect their voters, and the functionaries by and large don't care about anything.

Maybe, on the other hand, the end of PSOE hegemony in Jerez will lead to improvements in public service provision per euro spent, and maybe imminent general elections will put the fear of Greece into central government. Who'd bet on either?

And the minnows? Haven't they discovered the pleasure of googling themselves? Is it that they know they are being publicly mocked but have concluded that a descent into drink- or drugs-fuelled oblivion is cheaper than a translator? Is the Spanish health service on its knees because its asyla are bursting with honest working men who have renounced speech and who tremble when asked if they want to see the lunch menu?