Fresh, Nasty and Well-Balanced in the Mouth

An advert for eating young live crab? Of course not: it's a mistranslated wine label, discovered by the excellent Warren Edwardes. I'm guessing that this is the Casa de la Viña 2010 Chardonnay, whose translated web puff is better, though by no means faultless.


Charles Butler said...

brillant, trev.

wedwardes said...

Well spotted. Yes you correctly identified the wine.

Candide said...

Brilliant, I agree. But all of you have fallen victims to your subconscious: there's "in mouth" written on the label, which is no moot point if it is a fucked translation.

BTW, this seems to be the third time in a few months that the object of shame and amusement is related to alcohol. Do we see a pattern here?

trebots said...

It's crazy paving, man.

Warren EDWARDES said...

Pattern? Yes. Probably me. I sell wine. My home language is Spanish. So interested in translations.

Be careful of coincidences.

Oh and my first degree was in Probability. ;-)