boingboing: 17M = 17,000

Ms Jardin:

The demonstrations were not limited to Madrid. Below: 17,000 en Sevilla ... from Antonio Rull's photostream.
One wonders whether the writer may not have rather lost touch with her family name's linguistic heritage, and she's duly outed in comments by hewtwit:
I live around the corner from there in seville (plaza de encarnacion) and it looks from that photo more like there were a few hundred people there, as opposed to 17000! 17M refers to the date (17 mayo) not the attendence!
H/t Charles Butler, who is disappointed that
their platform, rather than being the break with the past that it touts itself to be, is little more than a recycling of the utopian, lowest common denominator and subsidized lunch for everyone theme teleported directly from 1968 - with revealing token bits of modern detritus such as the insistence that the law prohibiting free downloads of copyrighted entertainment be rescinded.
I haven't followed the ley Sinde business at all, but my impression is that if intellectual justification for Somalian-scale piracy of other people's creative endeavours had been sought then it would have been in the French-inspired death-of-the-author school. I believe that the principal culprits, Foucault and Barthes, did quite well out of the royalties, but they're stone-dead in Anglophonia:

However their stars are respectively ascendant and neutral in Hispanophonia:

I suppose this might explain why what seems like tired old ideology to Anglos has a fresh and exciting air to the miniscule numbers of middle class Spanish youth demanding, like the politicians they purport to despise, a meal ticket for life.

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