Catalan News Agency: Catalan is a Roman language

Saül Gordillo is the director of the Catalan state news agency, the Agència Catalana de Notícies. Appointed by ERC under the previous government for reasons more obviously related to lingual dexterity and skin-tone than to literary ability (check some hilarious bitching from fellow-whore, Salvador Sostres), it's quite conceivable that'll he'll shortly be jobless, or at least as jobless as members of the ruling class ever are in this part of the world.

Even assuming this article to have been aimed more at a domestic audience than, for example, Moody's, it would make a fitting swansong for him and his organisation in terms of all normal journalistic criteria. "Catalan is the vehicle language in child, teenager and university education," says Saül. A bus so poorly constructed and driven surely isn't going anywhere.

H/t: Candide.