Álvaro Domecq Alburejo Oloroso: Notes of Word ans hazelnuts.

A minor offence, this sherry puff:

Intense mahogany colour, clean-vibrant. Notes of Word ans hazelnuts. Dry yet rich. A lovely long nutty taste.

The website translation is also poor - something of a come-down for the family which produced Álvaro Domecq y Díez (Wikipedia surprisingly omits his war service), for whom getting things right, whatever he did, seems to have been second nature. Here's a pasodoble dedicated to him by José María Martín Domingo:

Here's his son at work in Madrid in 1970:

And here is the offending bottle:

(H/t: a local beverage and language expert.)


Candide said...

This is already the second discovery about wine producers in a few days after


Looks like the offense doesn't come from paying 5 cents per word but from paying .5 bottles per minute.

"Pagar en especie" is a well known concept here in Spain.

Candide said...

@ Tumbit And that's how you want to lure us to your Funeral Plans?

kalebeul said...

Tumbit strikes me as a spammer.