Angelina Jolie quiere "irse lejos de Hollywood" y piensa en Los Ángeles

Barcepundit has a cracker from Telecinco, which appears to based this:

Mientras que Brad estrena su piso de soltero, Angelina Jolie parece decidida a buscar el lugar perfecto para trasladarse y empezar de cero con sus seis hijos. Entre sus opciones se encuentran Madrid o Los Ángeles y, aunque aún no ha decidido dónde, lo que tiene muy claro es que quiere "irse lejos de Hollywood".

Por lo visto, Angie está harta del ambiente que rodea Hollywood y estaría buscando un lugar más "culto" para vivir. "Angelina odia Hollywood y preferiría vivir en un lugar más exótico y refinado", explica una fuente cercana a la actriz.
... on this:

Angelina Jolie reportedly wants to move her family out of Hollywood, as she wants to raise her 6 children in a “more exotic and cultured” area. Sources say the actress argues with partner Brad Pitt on where to set up house.
“Angie hates Hollywood and would prefer living somewhere more exotic and cultured,” reveals an insider. “They argue about where to live almost on a daily basis. One day they agree on L.A., the next day Angie changes her mind and wants to live in Madrid. They just can’t put their feet on the ground.”
... which is rather different.


Gabriel Cabrera Mendez me roba contenido

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Gabriel Cabrera Mendez (SRCO-2126878)
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Expires: 25 Jul 2011 10:25:41:000 UTC
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Time to be seasick?

Spain's National Research Council has an intriguing tag on the page advertising the Botanical Garden:
It's time for research, it's time to life ... It is time CSIC
Fucked translation is an art practised all over Spain, not just in Catalonia and Andalusia.


The etymology and typology of "trash bean"

Kindly contributed by C, here's a sign from the toilets of a restaurant in Jaén:

Don't though any papers into the water close. Use the trash bean.
There is too much material here to deal with in one post, but we can report that modern forensic linguistics, combined with a couple of glasses of wine, have led to the discovery that "trash bean" is the work of a team from the University of Jaén consisting of a semanticist and a phoneticist who have been moonlighting happily but not always completely successfully as tourist copywriters. The base conditions and sequence of events were as follows:
  1. Dr Semanticist is a rough and ready field lexicographer who has acquired some notion of English semantics but continues to struggle with phonetics.
  2. Dr Phoneticist on the other hand is a somewhat unworldly type who is pretty comfortable with English phonetics but not semantics.
  3. Dr Semanticist, who knows what a bin is but can't pronounce it, is dictating to Dr Phoneticist. At the moment of truth he performs the characteristic Spanish [ɪ] → [i] transformation.
  4. Dr Phoneticist transcribes the semanticist's pronunciation correctly in accordance with one of the options available in English.
I think what they have come up with is a translingual malapropism, commonly known as an Irish bull because of Irishmen's supposed propensity for this type of error due to their unfamiliarity with the English language. But is it really a mistake? Certainly an Indonesian company called Oliqus appears to have commenced the industrial production of trash beans, which, while they superficially resemble Western trash bins, may for all I know have bean-type pod functionality. More research is required.


"Mittlestuffe" and illegal Catalan limitations on the provision of tourist services

Picking up linguistic errors by the Catalan government is shooting phish in a barrel--they often have difficulties with Catalan--but my non-empirical impression is that they and other local authorities struggle rather more with German than with English. Classic English errors are still there to be enjoyed, of course: take for example {-gn -> -ng}, as in "foreing", "desing", in this promotional document from Invest in Catalonia. But the Rhine is both shit-creek and paddle-less for wanderlustige Catalan bureaucrats.

Speaking as a reactionary, I'm a big fan of the Catalan law regulating tourist guides, which is designed to limit the effects of a 1994 European ruling against Spain on the supposed freedom to provide services within the so-called single market. It determines inter alia that in order to speak to tourists in German on government property one must be in possession of at least the "Mittlestuffe" (for "Mittelstufe") from the Goethe Institut in Munich. Since there is no reason for native German-speakers to attend the German equivalent of the Institut Français, this effectively makes it impossible for Germans and Austrians to provide such services, an illegal restriction of trade which has been of concern recently to the notorious Barcelona guided walking tour provider FollowTheBaldie.com.

(FTB is slightly worried, following a Christmas session with a famously drunken member of the local judiciary, that a Barcelona judge might take a narrow view of the law and disqualify all guides who have not in person attended the Goethe Institut branch in Munich itself. We could get round this problem by building a replica of Barcelona in the desert of Almería, but construction permits are apparently in short supply there at the moment.)

{Mittelstufe -> Mittlestuffe} is a popular qualification among businessmen and language professionals, although it presumably focuses on oral skills rather than orthography. You can even study for it at the Austrian Information Centre in Rabat, Morocco (check the page header).

Am I getting off-topic? Am I boring you? If so, my apologies. I will be back shortly with another genuine translation howler from Andalusia.


More evidence that Barcelona Council doesn't give a fuck about German

In order to get walkers down from the carpark exit from Park Güell a tourist superhighway is being constructed along what used to be a nostalgic dogshit alley. To enliven the concrete a Gaudí quote is repeated in languages starting with Arabic and ending with Catalan that "Everything comes from the great book of Nature." Unfortunately quality control has never been the strongest aspect of Barcelona Council's addiction to visionary plans, so the German version misplaces its ß:


A photo:

Observed yesterday on this walk. This symbolic attachment to unfamiliar characters reminds me of the fetishism of tree-huggers who embrace species without knowing their names or what makes them live or die. I'll try to snap the Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic next time I'm up there to see if you can spot any surprises.