Memento mori = Don't forget to die

Over at Mr Harvey's place, to whom and all a happy Christmas.

One day I'll explain how for certain folks "Vamos a comprar un pato" came to mean "Let's get stoned out of our fricking tree," but today is a day of joy, hope and peace, and so they may slumber on while I cook the bloody thing.


looby said...

Cooking a tree! No wonder they're shirking. A glass of cava in a Barca-ish direction!

kalebeul said...

A burning bush would have been more or less in the spirit of things, but this was a forest fire.

Candide said...

The burning bush was a watershed event I am waiting to see copied in this corner of the world.

Meanwhile, as they say in German, everybody is cooking their own soup, and we're all condemned to taste the results.