Maulets, leading the literary-critical revolution

Opinions vary regarding Maulets. I think that those who I know who have experienced its attentions tend to see its members as state-subsidised rustic neo-Nazi thugs. Sympathisers on the other hand would perhaps describe them as sturdy young men and women responding energetically to legitimate concerns that the Catalan Nation is rapidly falling under the control of alien elements, is endangered by global capitalism, and is under siege in colonies (Valencia, the Balearics, etc) acquired during the Middle Ages. Which is quite different.

Whatever the case, a brief trawl of the net suggests that its programme of violence and intimidation doesn't sell well away from home and has virtually no international resonance. So it's rather a shame that its English-language presentation appears to have been translated with MT inferior to current incarnations of both Google and SoftCatalà (the latter nobly struggling on despite the increasing superiority of the former):

Maulets is a youth political organization independentist and revolutionary, organizing, mobilizing and fighting since 1988 for our territory, Països Catalans. During this time, we have realized many local and national campaigns in favor of the independence, emancipation of the popular classes, defense of the environment and the sexual and genre liberation. Always from a young view point and directed to the youth.

As an organization we make an open task, participative and based in assembler basis always far away from the actual dogmas. We fight to create and impulse social structures and individual practices to bring a popular counter, that, redistributes in a real democratic and participative way human and material resources..

The Spanish and French State keep on oppressing and repressing our nation leading our society to the subordination of the big states, market economy with their fatal consequences. Maulets fights against the society's classist model, rejecting all systems and ways of domination, exploitation and oppression.


When it comes to genre liberation - which I'm all for, and which has nothing to do with gender - maybe some brave soul would like to start by freeing Maulets from their ideological rut.


Candide said...

The good thing is that with a presentation like that nobody will take them seriously.

The bad thing is that with a presentation like that nobody will take them seriously.

kalebeul said...

That old dream of a mutually conclusive fight yesterday between them and Movimiento Social Republicano and Democracia Nacional just didn't work out.

Candide said...

they just *madly* love each other, and if they all did what is due, wear black shirts, that impossible affection a la röhm would become even more obvious. so i conclude that they don't fight because that would create too much confusion. or rather clarity. and then confusion again. that's how rough sex goes.

but they're all sissies keeping it verbal (not oral!) instead.

ehr... but why do you say "yesterday"? what did i miss?

on another note: did you get my mail about the botched gandhi quote? such a cute case of google-ism (or -itis) especially because (i guess) the original (if it actually was a real quote) would have already been in english. come on, go bash -sorry: inform- the guy.

i tried, but i'm banned.

no love there, only rough.