Ash cloud already in Asia, says the Spanish press

Malaprensa has from JMNoticias a stupendous English-Spanish cockup. Reuters put out a story in English explaining that the chaos caused in Europe by ash from Eyjafjallajökull was leading to knock-on problems for Asian airports forced to deal with thousands of stranded passengers. The Spanish news agency Europa Press mistranslated this as the ash cloud itself having arrived in Asia, and the story was adopted without question or reference to a map across the Spanish media.

The other day Albert Boadella had lunch with the wife of the French ambassador, who asked him for a trait common to all Spaniards. "Fanaticism," he replied, but after considering the people of the Atlantic seaboard concluded that a lack of common sense would be closer to the mark. Josu comes to a similar conclusion:
Here is proof once more that Spanish journalism, so often divided between left and right, between Spanish and Catalan nationalists, is capable of finding common ground in shoddy work,  in copy-paste, in a lack of common sense. What a relief.
Rush Limbaugh meanwhile says it's all Obama's fault. (Via)

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