I assure you that if you trust us, you will not regret

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In Essan Translations we work with specialized translators whose job is excellent. Therefore, if you need translation services, whether translation of documents, web pages, books, letters, etc., as well as searches of information in other languages, altogether with the corresponding translation, please, do not doubt in communicate it to us. I assure you that if you trust us, you will not regret.

Essan Translations is based in Valencia and the piss-poor quality offered by them and many of their compatriot translation agencies is one of the reasons Spanish institutions give translation contracts to relatives or to some guy in a bar who once went to London.

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boynamedsue said...

I did a fair bit of translating in Barcelona, most of the work picked up in bars, funnily enough.

I must say that the overall level of translation in Spain is piss poor, not just Spanish-English, but English-Spanish.

I have a copy of England, England, by Julian Barnes full of elemental mistakes. I haven't read the original, but on many occasions you could pick out what the original phrase was from the context of the mistranslation. Translating "bird-house" as "Jaula de pajaros" was one of my favourites, but there were even worse examples.

I suspect the translator had studied English to a very high-level, but they appeared never to have actually been there.